Your home’s exterior is exposed to every outdoor element, causing your roof and siding to look dingy, dirty, and eventually damaged. As South Florida residents, we experience inclement weather throughout the entire year, damaging our homes’ roof, siding, and windows. At Aqua Touch Pressure Cleaning, we are South Florida’s Top Rated Local® residential power washing company specializing in professional roof cleaning.   

Homeowners have the responsibility to maintain their homes’ appearance — beyond mowing the lawn and planting flowers. Just like washing your car, your home needs regular upkeep for the sake of its curb appeal, as well as the quality of your home. If you live in the South Florida area and you’ve noticed a dingy and discolored roof, contact the professional roof cleaners at Aqua Touch Pressure Cleaning.

Why You Should Hire Us For

Roof Cleaning Services

When a roof is dirty, it’s almost impossible to miss. You might assume that the dark streaks and stains that are scattered on the surface of your roof is just dirt from natural rainfall, but that’s not all it is. Your roof collects dirt, debris, and other natural elements including:




These elements are not as easy to wash away as dirt is and they generally require a thorough and professional roof cleaning. The longer the dirt sits and the stains are left untreated, the higher risk you have for costly roof damage. The stains caused by algae, fungus, and moss damages your roof through shingle deterioration and wood rot, which leads to expensive repairs and shortening the lifetime of your roof.

Softwash Roof Cleaning

Soft washing was a technique initially created to gently remove algae stains from roof shingles because pressure washers were too damaging for roofs. Many roof and shingle manufacturers void their warranties when a pressure washer is used to clean roof shingles. This raised concerns for homeowners because they were expected to manage the appearance and quality of their roof, but risked voiding their warranty. Thus, softwash roof cleaning was introduced.  

Aqua Touch Pressure Cleaning offers the best softwash pressure cleaning services in South Florida. Our pressure washing system is gentle yet effective to properly eliminate the dirt, debris, mold, mildew, and algae build up that South Florida homes are susceptible to. Now you can safely clean the exterior of your home without the risk of peeling paint, destroying shingles, or damaging delicate areas of your home.

5 Signs You Need A Professional Roof Cleaning

Roof damage comes in a variety of forms, leading people to assume they need a new roof — or believing the dark spots are just a little bit of dirt. Either way, these can be costly decisions when all you really need is a professional softwash roof cleaning by Aqua Touch Pressure Cleaning.

Below are five signs you need to hire a roof cleaning company:

Stop further damage.

Organisms such as algae, lichens, and moss feed off the materials that are on your shingles. The longer these organisms are left alone, the more they will grow and the more damage they will cause.

Prevent wood rot.

When there is algae and moss present on your roof shingles, they can eat through the wood causing wood rot. Once the wood has started the rotting process, moisture gets in through the cracks and creates the perfect growth environment for mold. What starts as moss on your roof can easily (and quickly) lead to mold in your home.

Keep your insurance.

Some insurance companies can and will cancel your homeowners insurance simply for having a dirty roof. Why? Because they know that untreated roof stains will greatly impact the integrity of the roof, leading the homeowner to file a claim and costing the insurance company money.

Deter heat.

When a roof is covered in algae, dirt, debris, moss, etc., it is no longer able to reflect sunlight efficiently. In fact, algae-covered shingles absorb heat from the sun, causing the heat inside your home to increase.

Restore your home’s appeal.

Whether you’ve been living in the same residence for years or you are renovating a fixer-upper, a professional roof cleaning is a simple and cost-effective way restore your home’s beauty. A softwash roof cleaning by Aqua Touch Pressure Cleaning could trick people into believing you got a new roof!  

Homeowners throughout South Florida not only fight inclement weather, but they are also faced with the damaging effects that rain and wind cause. If you’re tired of pulling into the driveway and seeing an old-looking, dirty roof then it’s time to call the professionals at Aqua Touch Pressure Cleaning. We use the best cleaning solutions for our softwash roof pressure wash services to ensure that your roof will be cleaned and damage-free. Don’t let the elements take away the quality and beauty of your home — contact Aqua Touch Pressure Cleaning today!